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How to Search Apartments for Rent Most Effectively


April 8, 2015

Searching for apartments is like searching for anything else: you can look until the sun goes down but if you are looking in the wrong places, you won’t find anything!


In a perfect world, we could easily find our ideal roommate and apartment for the right price at the ultimate location. However finding any of this is difficult enough and finding all of it together is like winning the lottery. This is precisely the beauty of Shared Address.


Other search sites are simply an endless database of listings that could take forever to weed through on your own, making it almost impossible to find what you’re looking for and completely unrealistic to expect you will get the full package. Shared Address does all the sorting, weeding through, and matching for you.


We feel everybody should have all that they want in an apartment and roommate without it having to feel like such a daunting and difficult task.


In order to come up with the most effective outcome and come up with the best possible match for you and the other party, Shared Address takes several things into account.




This is the starting point when it comes to looking for an apartment. It may not make a difference what neighborhood you pick in your desired city, however you definitely don’t want to search apartments for rent in Dallas when you want an one in New York! First and foremost Shared Address narrows your results to your desired city and county giving you a wide enough range to be flexible in your search but small enough so you stay in a common area.




Probably the next most important factor into your ideal apartment equation (if not the most) is how much you’re going to pay. Free? Maybe not; but you can select your desired price range and in turn receive a match based on this range.


Age & Gender


For some this category is the least of their worries but for others this is a deciding factor. While age and gender of your roommate may not be as concerning as the price and location, it surely makes a difference in how things are going to go in your household.

Preferences Galore


Last but certainly not least, Shared Address is very unique in the capability of our matching system which allows you to select certain elements that you prefer, either in your roommate or apartment. For some these are minor details but for others these may be make-or-break when it comes to sharing a living space.


The best part about all of this criteria is you can easily change and adjust it section by section, so you’re never limited or tied down to one option. Searching and fining an apartment is already tough enough, so don’t make it any harder on yourself by looking in the wrong places.


Let us know your number one deciding factor when renting an apartment or selecting a roommate.


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