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If you’re here, chances are you’re in need of a place to live, or a roommate with whom you can share your space and help offset the rent and other expenses. Shared Address offers a very unique search and match tool to find affordable apartment rentals and like-minded roommates with whom to share the rent. Compared to other methods, like scouring through the newspaper looking for affordable apartment rentals or driving around looking for rental signs in front of apartment buildings, Shared Address offers a streamlined way to search for just what you want. For those who are looking for a place to live, our service is completely free. And if you need a roommate, the logical first step is to ask friends if they know of someone who might be interested in sharing space. But if that approach comes up dry, can help. Just indicate some of the qualities you’d want in a roommate and we’ll head out on the search to find him or her. Bottom-line is, is simply the best tool for finding the living space, lifestyle and roommate you want.

Shared Address is not directly involved in, or derives any commissions or income, when two members decide to share space. We simply offer a listing and matching service to those who are looking for affordable apartment rentals or people with whom they can share space.