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Apartments for Rent in Chicago

apartments for rent in Chicago

June 3, 2015

What to expect when searching for apartments for rent in Chicago:

If you are like many others who, you too are looking for apartments for rent in Chicago, or any other major metropolitan area, the challenge is how to best narrow the search for finding the exact living space you want. And in the case of Chicago, one of the nation’s most desirable cities, the nicest apartments are in high demand, so inventory is low and rents continue to rise. So, the more strategic you are about your search, the more likely you will find just what you want in the quickest time possible. A logical first step is exploring you are probably wondering what kind of living spaces the Windy City has to offer.

Close Quarters

City-living in high demand areas like Chicago, New York, Boston, etc. usually requires one to prioritize rent amount over unit size. If large living space is a priority, Chicago may present large challenges in your search. It’s not a secret that Chicago apartments are small in size, and developers don’t really have many plans to build upsized apartments in Chicago.
However, if space is a big concern for you, you may want to look into apartments in the suburbs of Chicago. Going a little further away from the hub of the downtown area, you are more likely to find more square footage for much less money.

Affording rent

Making sure you are able to live comfortably is an obvious first step when it comes to searching apartments for rent in Chicago. Residing in a really nice place, but being “rent poor” is no way to enjoy the city in which you live. Although it is not the most expensive city in the U.S., Chicago is also not a cheap city to live in by any means. You can better determine where you can afford by comparing the prices by neighborhood but don’t forget to keep transportation costs (gas, tolls, etc.) in mind when doing this, as well.

Brace the cold

Chicago is not a place people generally go to soak up some sun. One needn’t be a local to know that the winters can be brutal. Everyone’s tolerance for personal temperature comfort varies, sometimes greatly. So if you’re one of those people who have to have total control over the temperature, look for a living space where you have control over the thermostat, especially in the bedroom areas. And to cut down on the heating bill, you also might look for apartments whose windows face the best direction for letting afternoon sunlight in (typically the warmest part of the day).

If you’re looking at places to rent in the summer months, when it’s not so chilly, you may forget to consider the points mentioned above.


Lastly, find things you like, or think you may like, to do in the city, and decide how important it is that your apartment is within close proximity. Sporting arenas, arts & cultural districts, trendy shopping districts, etc. may or may not be important to you as local attractions. In most cases, the closer one resides to the “hot areas” the higher the rents. Chicago is an amazingly rich and diverse city with its own unique qualities. But depending on your preferences and tolerance for things like traffic, you may decide that the advantages of living off the beaten path (suburbs) are more important than walking-distance access to the heartbeat of the city. Bottom-line is, before searching for apartments for rent in Chicago, you should first spend some time putting together a list of priorities for neighborhoods of interest, monthly rent, building/unit/community amenities, and other pertinent variables. That list will determine where and if you will need to consider striking a balance between needs, wants and wishes.

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