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Apartments for Rent in Cities

May 13, 2015

So you’re thinking of renting an apartment in a major city. Maybe you just got hired at a new job in the city, are moving closer to friends and family, or just want to try something new. Living in a city apartment is very different from living in a more rural or suburban area and there are definitely some things you want to keep in mind and be prepared for.


The Good


Living in a city can have some great benefits A big one is:


Public Transportation


As long as you are staying within the city, you rarely ever need to drive. Bus, train, metro, and your very own feet are the preferred methods of transportation when it comes to city living. Not only are these methods easier but also a lot less expensive than the cost of upkeep, gas, and parking rates you would pay with a car.




Another desirable factor of apartments for rent in a big city is the convenience factor. Most everything you need is right there or right around the corner. Most places in city areas are also open more hours during the day and therefore much more accessible.


The Not-So-Good


Living in a city can also have some downfalls like…




A big city is typically not the place you go when you want to save your money. When it comes to the cost of renting an apartment, supply and demand is the determining factor. With cities being highly populated areas, you can imagine the demand is very high. In addition to the cost of renting, other items are generally more expensive in the city as well.


Less Space


Not only will your apartment be higher in price, but if you are going to live in a large city, you are pretty much guaranteed to get an apartment with less space than you would have in a rural area.


Living in a city can be a big change and it’s important to consider all that comes with it when looking for apartments for rent. What are some of the things you like or dislike about living in a city?



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