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Choosing Off Campus Housing

off campus housing

June 22, 2015

Did anyone tell you college was going to be cheap? I didn’t think so. This is why off campus housing is something you may want to consider if you haven’t already.
While it’s nice to start out living on campus so you can get accustomed to college life, learn the campus, and make new friends, it’s not so nice for your bank account among other things; which leads to one of the top reasons why off campus housing can be a much better choice than on.
The Price
If you haven’t found out already, off campus housing is significantly cheaper than living on campus, for most colleges anyways. It can be scary transitioning from living on campus to out in the real world; especially when you’ve already made the transition from living at home and going to high school to going to college in the first place.
But if like many others, saving this extra money is a necessity for you, off campus housing is likely your best bet. Not only will the housing be way more expensive, but most of the shops and restaurants on campus will have inflated prices as well due to a ‘convenience’ factor.
Expanding Your Horizons
While you may have made some friends while living on campus, this is only a small portion of the population of your university and town. It creates a comfort zone being in such a tightknit community, however as most successful people will agree, in order to progress you must get out of your comfort zone.
Living off campus can not only give you the opportunity to meet new people but also to explore new areas and introduce you to places and people you otherwise would not have met.
Learning Life Skills
In addition to expanding your horizons by choosing off campus housing, you will also expand your life skills in general. Most campuses are very convenient and are literally their own community. From multiple places to eat, to recreation centers, and even doctors offices, there’s not much more you could ask for when you live on campus. This is nice to get yourself initially adjusted to college life, however if you wait to live off campus until you graduate, you are going to be in for a big shock of how life really is.
Things are unfortunately not so convenient and you need to take much more responsibility. This can actually be quite liberating for many people, however it can be overwhelming if you wait to experience this when you are starting your first fulltime job. Living off campus beforehand can help you develop all kinds of new life skills such as cooking for yourself, managing your time and money, how to pay your bills, etc.
Your Own Space
The majority of on campus housing situations are highly shared spaces; from the bedrooms to the laundry areas and bathrooms. It’s very rare, and even more expensive, to find an on campus living setup where you have your own space. This interferes with privacy and can also make it very difficult to study.
In addition to matters of space and privacy, living off campus also allows you the freedom to choose who you live with. Although you can’t always know if you’re making the best choice, you’re much more likely to get along with someone you are choosing to live with rather than people you are just being thrown together with.
On campus housing can be a great place to start your college career however it is a temporary living situation no matter how long you choose to stay. It is also a fairly unrealistically simple living situation and can hinder you from experiencing living in the ‘real world.’ Off campus housing can not only save you loads of money but also teach you things you would never learn spending your whole college career living on campus.

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