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College Student Apartments Guide

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April 8, 2015

Getting an off-campus apartment as a college student can be a great decision – less money than on-campus housing, more freedom, new experiences – if you do it right. However, it can also be a total disaster – lengthy commutes to campus, unexpected expenses, poor study environments, etc. This college student apartments guide will help you in choosing the perfect apartment for your needs as a student.


Stay Close to Campus


As a general rule of thumb when it comes to location, use your college campus as a point of reference when searching for apartments. You will want to stay in a reasonable range of your campus in order to keep your main priority, school, very accessible and easy to get to. Although it’s tempting to choose the apartment closer to your favorite party spot or further in the suburbs where the rent may be dirt cheap, it’s best to stay close to campus for those unexpected events. Waking up late for class after late night ‘studying’ is not uncommon, and neither are those last-minute group project meetups. In addition to convenience, living in closer proximity to campus will also increase your chances of getting a roommate who is also a student; which leads us to the next tip in this guide…


Choose Roommates Wisely


Being a college student, you have certain requirements and times when you need to study. You want a roommate who appreciates your needs and will be respectful and understanding when you are trying to study. Being a college student, you also have requirements to have some fun so you likely don’t want to share an apartment with a family of five that has nightly bedtimes and a schedule stricter than yours. Sharing an apartment with another student is of course the optimal choice, however, any individual that can respect your priorities with enough flexibility will create a comfortable living environment for your studies and lifestyle.


Don’t Forget Utilities


Always factor in the cost of utilities when looking at various apartments. After living at home or even on campus in the past, it’s easy to forget about those things called ‘bills.’ Therefore it’s common to see the monthly cost of renting an apartment and think you’re getting a steal. However, utility services are often not included in monthly rent. After factoring in the cost of electricity, water, Internet, cable, and any other service charge you may face, rent may not be so cheap after all. Every situation is different so when searching for an apartment, remember to always ask what’s included in the monthly rent charge and what’s not.


Mention You are a Student


Use your student status to your advantage! The perks of being a college student are not limited to 10 percent discounts at the frozen yogurt shop across the street from campus. When searching for an apartment, you can often get a discount on your lease, utilities, or more if you simply mention that you are a college student. Don’t feel reluctant to ask for a lower rate as people are often very understanding and even expectant of this. Many tenants and roommates would much rather have someone like a responsible student renting or sharing their space for a little less money rather than someone they don’t trust for full price.


Apartment searching in college is very exciting and can turn out to be one of the best living situations you’ve had so long as you take the appropriate steps in choosing the right place.


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