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Moving to a New City Alone

Moving to a New City Alone

June 30, 2015

Any move or significant change in life, big or small, always requires some adjustment. Moving to a new city alone is a bigger one of these changes. While there are the few souls, lucky or not, who remain in pretty much the same geographical area throughout their lives, most of us eventually have to, or want to, move at some point.
Moving to a new place requires a lot of physical and mental work! And sometimes no matter how prepared you think you are, only once you move will you be able to experience and determine if the place is right for you.
Growing up my family moved around quite a bit. I went to a different elementary school almost every year as a kid which made me learn to get pretty good at adapting to a new environment. However, I was still a child, of course, and did not personally experience half of the changes my parents must have; from culture to laws to price differences, etc.
I finally experienced this firsthand when I moved to a new city alone; from a small town in central Florida with a population of about 12,000 people to Miami, with a population of about 2 million. While these places are located in the same state, they are not similar by any means!
Looking for an apartment in a place like Miami is a whole different task than looking for one in a tiny town in central Florida. For starters, the price difference is of course noticeable. While in central Florida I could get an all-inclusive apartment in a complex with a pool, gym, and parking space from anywhere from $400-600 a month, Miami was asking close to double that with a lot less included. And while one might assume that a higher cost of living means a higher rate of pay, I had not found this to be the case so far.
While nowadays there are scams everywhere, Miami seemed to be a magnet for these. In the very first apartment I leased on my own I was indeed scammed; $2250 down the drain and off to Mexico went the con that scammed me.
Although I had to sadly kiss all that money goodbye, luckily the actual property owners did not leave me homeless (which of course I realized later would have been illegal anyways). I was offered to move to a studio unit and pay the same price I was paying for a two-bedroom apartment with a kitchen, living room, and my own bathroom. I felt lucky just to have somewhere to go though and so I took it.
As I mentioned before, you get a lot less for what you pay for in Miami. The space of my bed took up about a third of this studio and it had no kitchen whatsoever, no closet and a shower with room to stand only. Not to mention there was no parking and I had to call the cops several times for being woken up by yelling at four in the morning. The only plus was that it was in walking distance to the beach, which is what I believe kept me relatively sane for that period of time.
All scams aside, not all the apartments in Miami are either priced through the roof or a scam. There are various reasonably priced living spaces scattered about however they are further from the city, where most good jobs are located. While this doesn’t seem like such a huge conundrum, once you experience Miami traffic you will realize why people pay so much more to live closer to the city.
Needless to say, making the transition from my quaint little town in central Florida to the overwhelming big city Miami was quite a shock to my system; especially my search for an apartment. While Miami was not an easy place to move to, after four years of living in various places throughout this city, I cannot say I regret the move. I miss it every time I leave.
Moving to a new city alone is always a big change no matter how much you ‘prepare.’ And although it may be tougher than you expected, moving somewhere new can end up being one of the best decisions you make.
Have you ever moved to a new city by yourself? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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