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The Advantages of Having a Roommate

advantages of having a roommate

April 8, 2015

Whether you enjoy being surrounded by people 24/7 or you find peace in being alone, the advantages of having a roommate far outweigh any drawbacks.
For those of us that would prefer to live alone, and even those who don’t, one of the likely causes of your desire to have a roommate is for financial reasons. Money is the deciding factor in many of the life choices we are faced with every day and cost of living is a big one. Often dreaded when looking for a new apartment to rent is the hefty first, last and security payment due upfront. Splitting that cost with someone else can cut the price up to 50 percent or more. In addition to the initial payment for the apartment, you will also be saving on share utilities bills. While the cost of utilities like water may not change much, other monthly payments will definitely be drastically reduced by having a roommate. Internet, cable, electricity, etc., are all services that do not tend to go up much in price even when sharing and therefore can be split amongst you and your roommate.
Another perk of having a roommate is the convenience factor. Anybody who’s rented or owned any living space before knows how important it is to always remember your keys; and in a perfect world everyone would. But that’s not the case! This is one prime example of why having a roommate can be extremely helpful. Locking yourself out is not the only convenient perk. If you are oh so kind to your roommate they will likely return this generosity. This generosity can come in many forms, from helping out with chores to picking something up for you while they’re out to putting your wet clothes in the dryer for you when you forget to waking you up for that Monday morning meeting that you otherwise would have slept through!
In addition to the convenience of having someone there to help you out in times of need, it’s also comforting just to have someone else there. Many of us get swept away in the business of our daily lives and do not have time to socialize. Having a roommate gives you the chance to interact with someone and tell them about your day or even vent to when you’re having issues with those you may usually socialize with. Even the most introverted individual can benefit from the comfort and security of having someone else in your home. Many people have even hit it off with their roommates so well that they become lifelong friends or even earn a job through them.
Sharing is another very useful advantage of having a roommate. It’s difficult to have everything you need and even more difficult to afford it all. (There goes that unavoidable money factor once again!) Forget to buy the twist off bottle of wine? Need some paper to print those final pages in your report? Run out of milk for your cereal? Whatever it is, it’s very likely your roommate has it. Sharing even the simplest things such as household items like a broom, can opener, or microwave can really help increase what you have and decrease what you need. Sharing even larger items, like the TV, couch, or other furniture is also valuable and can help you save a great deal on spending and searching for those items. And who knows, if you’re really lucky maybe you’ll score a roommate who shares their food!
The advantages of having a roommate is the gift that keeps on giving. What are some benefits you’ve experienced from having a roommate?


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